You Can Leave Your Hat On

IMG_2884 IMG_2885 IMG_2886 IMG_2888Knit: Zara // Skirt: Envii // Shoes: Vintage // Hat: ASOS

Happy Easter, everyone! This Easter I’m spending with my family and my boyfriend who is finally back from Copenhagen. I haven’t seen him in three weeks so it’s good to see him again. When I was cleaning my room I found this hat that I didn’t know I had and I decided to wear it. I kinda love it!

I have started a new way of eating and I have started working out so I will be doing some fitness and health related posts here on the blog and perhaps some videos on youtube that I will share here as well. Just to tell a little bit of my new way of eating, then I will try to cut out processed food totally which is so much harder than I thought. I want to eat good and healthy things that will make my body feel better. Whenever I eat bad, it makes me feel even worse so that’s what I’m trying to avoid. I’m doing this for myself and with some workout I’m trying to tone my body for summer because I’m going to be wear a bikini in under two months.

Happy Easter to all of you!

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