Working as a makeup artist is many things and today I want to tell you the truth about working as a makeup artist. How it is to work retail and how it is to work freelance. Both jobs are great, but they are very different. Want to know what’s the right way for you? Then read more here. 

Is it as bad as everyone says to work retail?

Working as a retail makeup artist has a very bad reputation, because it’s hard work for little money and you have to deal with a lot of things. But it’s on the other hand very rewarding. You get to experience people during months time and help them not only one time, but again and again. It’s a bit more of a sales job, with a twist of makeup, because you of course have to sell some products.

It’s a great place to start because it will teach you everything you need to know. You will get so much practise every day. Some days you will get to match 30 people to a foundation and then you really learn a lot about skintypes and skintones. I feel like a retail job really helps with being a makeup artist because you will learn which products will look good on which people. If you were to do a freelance job and only had one or two foundations and it didn’t look good on the client, then it would be hard to fix it. When working retail you get to learn what suits which people and how you can make things look amazing.

How to get the coolest jobs

If you want to work photoshoots and fashionshows, you need to work freelance. Although most makeup artists don’t get paid at fashion week. It’s unpaid jobs but it’s amazing experience and it will get you noticed amongst other makeup artists. The cool jobs are very hard to get, and you will have to work a lot of bridal jobs to pay the bills, but if you feel like retail just isn’t for you, then go for it. The hours aren’t great, as are the retail hours. But with retail you have a steady income and you never know how many jobs you can get, when you work freelance. That’s just the reality. Some months can be very busy whilst others can be totally quiet.

Is it best to work retail or freelance?

Personally I love working retail. I just got certified this autumn, so I don’t have that much experience and I feel like I learn a lot about products, formulars, shades, techniques and preferences. So that’s why I like working retail. Will I work retail for the rest of my life? Hell no! It’s hard and long hours of standing. Sometimes it’s crazy busy and sometimes I just have to do a lot of cleaning. But it’s great experience with makeup and I get a lot of experience within the different brands and I get the best network within the business. Which is something I really appreciate.

If you have any questions about working as a makeup artist, then please don’t hesitate to contact me. You can write me a DM on Instagram. That’s where I will for sure get back to you.

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