Do you need to learn how to stop overpacking when it comes to beauty and just pack the beauty essentials you actually need? Here are my travel beauty essentials that I cannot live without when traveling. No matter for how long I’m traveling. 

Neutral is key

When you’re traveling, think about what you will be doing. If you are going to be outside the majority of the time, then think about packing something with an SPF. If it’s cold, then think about your skin and how it needs moisture. It’s all about the neutral makeup when you’re out and about. If you want to rock a bold look with liner, then you do you! But for most people it’s often about doing a quick makeup before going out to explore for the day. I always pack my neutral makeup that I know is quick. So a foundation stick and foundation that I know works perfectly. When I have to be very minimal with my makeup, I don’t bring eyeshadow palettes. I use my contour, blush and highlighter for my eyes as well. It’s very easy to use and it saves room in your bag.

Only pack the best of the best

When traveling it’s not the time to try out new products. It’s the time to use the products that you love and that look amazing on you. Take a look at your makeup collection and find the best of the best. That’s the products that you want to bring. And then it’s always good to pack either a liner or a bold lipstick. If you’re going out for dinner, then you have the option to do something extra with your makeup. I always bring a mini Kat Von D Tattoo Liner and a red lipstick, because them I’m always ready for any situation.

Travel beauty essentials that you know will work

Your travel beauty essentials should be the products that you know will work for you 100%. It’s the makeup that you would keep if you had to get rid of your makeup collection. It’s your ride or die products that you always come back to. For me it’s the products that you see on the picture. They fit in my very little makeup bag. So I have all the products to make my face look great and that I know I can count on.

Which products are your ride and die products that always work for you?

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