Too Faced recently launched the White Chocolate Bar Palette and it hasn’t been the most popular palette so far. So today I decided to try the Too Faced White Chocolate Bar Palette out on camera and do an honest review. Do you want to find out if the palette is worth purchasing? Do you want to know if the eyeshadows are easy to blend? And if the palette even is good? The video above will answer all your questions. 

Pastel Eyeshadows – a hit or miss?

Pastel colors were a hit with me when I was younger. I thought they were nice because I don’t normally like colors that much. Pastel eyeshadows on the other hand is not something that I have ever tried or experimented with before, until today and this video. If you want to know if pastel eyeshadows is a thing that you are missing out on, then you have come to the right place. I will try the pastel eyeshadows from the Too Faced White Chocolate Bar Palette out in the video and show you how they perform.

Too Faced White Chocolate Bar Palette Review

Whenever there is a new launch of a makeup product and the product looks fun, I really want to make sure that I do a review for you guys so you can see if it’s something that you want to spend your money on. I love trying out new makeup and new products so much, because I think it’s one of the most fun things to do in the world. It helps me to be creative and to break out of my comfort zone. For many years I did the same eyeshadow look whenever I did eyeshadow because it was a habit for me. I don’t ever want to be that way again. I want to explore and have fun with makeup because makeup is fun!

What do you think of the palette? Have you tried it? And do you remember to have fun when doing makeup?

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