Today I’m trying out the new Too Faced Peach Perfect Foundation and testing it out for a whole day. So do you want to see how the foundation looks after an entire day of work?

Too Faced Peach Perfect Foundation

Too Faced just launched their Peaches and Cream collection in Scandinavia, and I couldn’t help myself. I had to buy a few pieces to test them out for you guys. Today I’m going to test out the Too Faced Peach Perfect Foundation and you can see how it looks in the video. It’s a more matte foundation that I’m used to, but I’m always up for trying something new.

A matte foundation on dry skin – does it work?

Dry skin and a matte foundation. Is that really a good cocktail? It can actually work. Sometimes I find that things that shouldn’t work together, works together really well. I didn’t find the foundation to be super matte on me, which is really strange. It became oily through out the day and it wasn’t try on my at all. So it can work with a matte foundation on a dry skin and all it takes is good prepping. That means good skincare and a moisturizing primer that will keep the moisture intact on the skin.

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