Finding your perfect foundation isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are many things to find out before getting your wallet out and purchasing your foundation. First you need to look at your skintype. Do you have normal, combination, oily or dry skin? Then you need to think about what you like in a foundation. Do you like a glowy, satin or matte foundation? Do you like a light, medium or full coverage? All these things are things you need to think about before purchasing a foundation that will be the perfect foundation for you and your skin.

We are all different and like we all need different colors in foundations, we all need different foundations that match our skintypes and our preferences. We are not all into that full coverage glam and it’s not all that’s into very minimal no coverage makeup. So before you make a list of all the foundations that all the big Youtubers recommend and spend all your hard earned money. Start thinking about your skin and what will actually suit your skintype.

I hope this video helped you! Do you want to see a video on how to find the perfect foundation match? How to match your own foundation and all there is to know about undertones? Then please let me know in the comments below.

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Do you want to know if the Marc Jacobs Beauty eyeshadows are worth the high prize? Or if the limited edition Becca palettes really are as good as people say they are? Find out right here in the video. 

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2017 is long gone but I still wanted to come on here to talk about the best beauty advise I learned from the past year. I worked the whole year in Sephora and got to learn many things about both makeup and skincare. So I would say that my knowledge in the beauty world for sure got way bigger last year and here is what I learned about in 2017.

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If you didn’t already know, I work as a professional makeup artist at Sephora and I always have the option to be creative with my makeup whenever I have to go to work. So I thought I would film the progress of me getting ready for when I go to work and just chatting whilst getting ready. You get to know me a bit better in this video and you see how I did this smokey eye with glitter.

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Usually I do very bold looks on my channel because I love makeup and I love being creative. Because I’m working as a makeup artist it is fun to do some crazy looks to learn new techniques. In my every day life I often wear very neutral makeup because I’m often in a rush or I don’t need to wear a lot of makeup.

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Hello and welcome to my series Becoming a Makeup Artist. In this series you will learn how is it to be a makeup artist, the ups and downs, how to become a makeup artist, what you need, if it’s really necessary to get certified, how to get a job, how to build your portfolio and kit and everything in between. 

This is my story of becoming a makeup artist and I want to give you all the tips that I have learned over the years. The series will consist of 10 blogposts – one each Saturday. So I hope that you will enjoy it. 

Being a makeup artist is something that I have always wanted to become. It has been on my bucket list since I was very young. In 2016 I got a job as a makeup artist and in 2017 I became a certified makeup artist. So yes, it is actually possible to get a job as a makeup artist without a certificate.

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One of my New Year’s resolutions for 2018 is to be more creative with my makeup and not do so many soft brown smokey eyes. They have been seen before and I have done them a million and one time. This year it’s time for a change. I want to improve my makeup skills and I want to explore the world of colors even more than I did in 2017. That’s what I’m doing in today’s Youtube video.

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