RawBeautyKristi has been a huge inspiration for me lately. It has been refreshing to see a Youtuber who shares a real side of their life and now just how perfect everything is. Right now that was just what I needed on YouTube, because everything just gets too pretty and fake sometimes.

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It’s a new year and it’s time for many New Year’s resolutions. One of mine is to get more organized. I’m actually a very organized person, but when I become busy I kinda forget to be organized. So that’s why I started the year clearing out and organizing my everyday makeup drawer. I wanted to make sure that I know where everything is and that I have all the makeup that I love and use handy.

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I’m Danish, if you didn’t already know that. It means that I’m from the very small country Denmark in Scandinavia. Not many people know Denmark and where we are located in the world. We are the people who invented the term “hygge”.

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