The Save My Face pillow is a well known pillow in Hollywood because it helps with anti-aging, acne og neck pains. Find out why it has saved my face right here. One day I saw the Save My Face pillow on Instagram and was like “what is this?”. After I did some research about the very famous and very expensive pillow I decided that I needed it in my life. I got mine for Christmas 2017 so it’s still a new item in my life but I love it very much and I don’t go anywhere without it.

The benefits of the Save My Face Pillow

There are so many benefits to this pillow. It’s anti-aging because your face doesn’t get pushed against the pillow when you sleep which is a great benefit. I’m 24, but I can start to see that my skin isn’t as beautiful as it was when I was 15, so I need the anti-aging aspect even though I don’t have wrinkles yet. The pillow also helps with acne and general skin issues because the skin doesn’t touch a dirty pillow each night and I’m all for that clean skin, so of course I love that benefit.

Why is has saved my face

The reason my the Save My Face pillow literally has saved my face and my life is because it helps me with my neck pains. If you didn’t know, I was in a car accident some years ago and I now have chronic pains in my back, neck and head so I really need anything to help with the pains. The pillow has really helped me sleep better at night and it makes sure that I don’t wake up with a big headache and a stiff neck.

A piercing can help with pain?

I must admit, the pillow is expensive. Like very expensive. But for me it was worth it, because it helps with the pains in my neck. When you suffer from chronic pains you really try to do everything you can to make the pain a little less. I have tried so much for my pains and I have only found a few things that work. The pillow is one and a piercing is actually another thing. If you want to know more about the piercing, living with chronic pains or anything else, then please let me know down in the comment section below.

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