10527512_10204080288545911_8839021493346830972_nEach Sunday I will start doing a little series where you can get to know me better, and I will start with fun facts. So are you ready to get to know me a little bit better?

  1. I tried to stay up all night to watch The Oscars but I lasted about 30 minutes.
  2. I’m obsessed with Pretty Little Liars. A little too obsessed. Sometimes I actually think that A is stalking me.
  3. I just started a bulletjournal and I think it’s the best think ever. Let me know if you want a post or a video about it.
  4. Even though I’m studying, I don’t think uni was the right choice for me. But now I only have a few months left before I have my final exam so there is no reason to quit now.
  5. I have been with my boyfriend for a little over 7 months now and I really can’t believe where time has gone. Let me know if you want a love themed fun fact post because I have many of those ūüėČ
  6. I’m going to see Troye Sivan in May and I’m pretty sure that I will cry when he gets on stage. #fangirl
  7. I really want a big black hat but I know I won’t wear it because I look ridiculous with a hat on.
  8. I dream about traveling the world. I especially want to visit; London, Brighton, L.A. San Fransisco and Miami.
  9. I love jewelry and I love buying new jewelry but I never wear it.
  10. I have lived in Spain, Turkey Italy and of course Denmark where I live atm.
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My Love For Liner

Sk√¶rmbillede 2016-02-29 kl. 12.42.50 Sk√¶rmbillede 2016-02-29 kl. 12.43.02 Sk√¶rmbillede 2016-02-29 kl. 12.43.18I love eyeliner. It’s so simple. I started getting into eyeliner when it was a trend a year or two ago but the trend never left my heart. I simply just love the way eyeliner looks. Weather it’s black, blue or brown. Weather it’s gel, liquid or with an eyeshadow. Sometimes I do my liner thin without a flick and sometimes I go all out. It depends on my mood. But no matter what mood I’m in – I’m always in the mood for eyeliner!

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Massive Makeup Haul

I went shopping. Quite a lot. Another video is ready from me and I have many more planned so keep your eyes peeled for those! Makeup and beauty shopping is one of my favorite things to do and I enjoy sharing my purchases with you guy. Please let me know if you want to see some swatches of any of the products or a First Impressions of any of the products. Enjoy the video!

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My MAC Palette

my mac palette mac palette mac single eyeshadow paletteMy MAC palette has been my favorite for years and the best part is that it’s all customized. Which means that I picked all the shades myself so I do not have any eyeshadows in this palette that I don’t like or don’t use. It took a while to put together because I had to purchase the different eyeshadows individually but it was all worth it – I absolutely love this palette and it’s my go-to palette whenever I need to do a natural eye look! Here are the names and watches of the eyeshadows in my MAC palette:
mac palette light swatchesThe five eyeshadows on the top row aren’t very noticeable on my light arm because they are all highlighting shades. I actually have one eyeshadow that doesn’t have a sticker on the back so I don’t know what it’s called and I couldn’t find it online – so who knows what shadow it is. I just remember it being in a quad that I bought years ago. All of these shadows are great for highlighting and to use all over the lid.¬†mac palette medium swatchesThe middle row in my MAC palette has some neutral browns and some glitters. I love using Omega for my eyebrows and for my transition shade. For all over the lid I love using All That Glitters and Woodwinked looks amazing both all over the lid and in the crease – it is one of my all time favorite eyeshadows!mac palette dark swatchesThe last row is the darkest row and it has Satin Taupe which is also one of my all time favorite MAC eyeshadows. Star Violet is so beautiful but I don’t use it enough. I really have some classic favorites in my MAC palette and I love it but I see that I’m missing some shades so I’m thinking about starting another MAC palette. What MAC eyeshadows are your favorites?

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modeuge outfitBukser: ASOS / Strik: Zara (similar here)/ Jakke: H&M / Halst√łrkl√¶de: Moss Copenhagen / Taske: C√©line (similar here) / Halsk√¶de: Louise Kragh (similar here)

Det er virkelig lang tid siden, at jeg har f√•et taget outfit billeder, men sjovt var det. Succesfuldt kan man vist ikke kalde billedet, eftersom I ikke kan se, hvad jeg har p√•, men I f√•r dem alligevel. Det var modeuge, s√• selvf√łlgelig har jeg sort p√•!

It has been so long since I took some outfit pictures but it was so much fun. I wouldn’t call these pictures successful outfit pictures because you can’t really see what I’m wearing but you get to see the pictures anyway. It was Fashion Week so of course I’m wearing black!

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Zalando Fashion House

zalando fashion houseEfter VIA Designs show havde jeg ikke lang tid, f√łr jeg skulle til Zalando Fashion House, som var et event og fashion show hostet af Zalando med Christiane Schaumburg-M√ľller som v√¶rt, der blev afholdt p√• R√•dhuset. Eventet gik ud p√•, at de ville vise trends, som kan bruges nu, og ikke trends, som f√łrst kan bruges AW16/17, som de andre shows til Fashion Week. Det var et hyggeligt event med gode drinks og goodiebags.

After VIA Design’s show I didn’t have much time before I had to attend Zalando Fashion House, which was an event and fashion show hosted by Zalando with Christiane Schaumburg-M√ľller as host. The event was about showing current trends that can be used now and not trends that can be used AW16/17 as the other shows at Fashion Week. It was a nice event with good drinks and goodiebags.¬†

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VIA Design Graduate Show 2016

via design fashion showSom studerende p√• VIA Design, s√• var jeg selvf√łlgelig meget sp√¶ndt og stolt over at skulle ind og se showet p√• R√•dhuset i fredags. Der var overraskende mange mennesker, og jeg m√łdte alle mine undervisere. Selvom jeg er i praktik i K√łbenhavn, s√• var det nu meget rart at f√• et stykke af Herning bragt til storbyen – dog kun for 20 minutters tid.

At a student at VIA Design I was so excited and proud to be seeing the show last Friday at Copenhagen City Hall. There was a¬†surprisingly huge crowd and I got to see all of my teachers. Even though I’m an intern in Copenhagen at the moment it was nice to have a piece of Herning close to me – even though it was just for 20 minutes.¬†

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IMG_2404IMG_2409IMG_2415IMG_2425IMG_2435IMG_2443IMG_2445Kopenhagen Fur var mit f√łrste modeshow til Copenhagen Fashion Week i √•r, men faktisk ogs√• mit f√łrste modeshow nogensinde, da modeugen i √•r var min f√łrste modeuge. Showet hed Imagine Talents, og der var 28 designstuderende fra rundt omkring i verden, der hver havde designet et piece til showet. Der var tre studerende fra VIA Design, hvor jeg ogs√• studerer, s√• jeg var en stolt medstuderende! Showet var gennemf√łrt, og jeg er k√¶mpe fan af den sorte pelskjole – come to mama!

Kopenhagen Fur was my first fashion show at Copenhagen Fashion Week this year, but actually also my first ever fashion show because this fashion week was my first. The show was called Imagine Talents and there were 28 design students from across the world who each designed a piece for the show. There were three students from VIA Design, where I study so I was very proud. The show was beautiful and I’m in love with the black fur dress – come to mama!¬†

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