Usually I do very bold looks on my channel because I love makeup and I love being creative. Because I’m working as a makeup artist it is fun to do some crazy looks to learn new techniques. In my every day life I often wear very neutral makeup because I’m often in a rush or I don’t need to wear a lot of makeup.

In my job it is required that I wear a lot of makeup and when I’m off I often let my skin breathe for a bit and I never wear foundation outside of work. I often wear eyeshadows and eyeliner but hardly anything on my face other than concealer to cover up my dark under eye bags.

Today I have a video tutorial showing you how to do a no makeup makeup look with minimal products and no foundation. It’s super pretty and perfect for everyday or maybe even a last minute thing. I just thought that I would show I different side of makeup today and then I will have a more bold and creative look for you tomorrow when I will play with one palette for my entire face… So stay tuned for tomorrow’s video.

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