Marc Jacobs Beauty just launched a new foundation called the Shameless Foundation that is light-weight, has SPF 25 and is hydration on the skin. That’s why I had to go buy it yesterday when I found out that it came to Denmark. I hope you enjoy my Marc Jacobs Shameless Foundation First Impression video. 

SPF 25 – does that mean crazy flashback?

SPF always means flashback and a foundation with flashback isn’t a cute look. But this foundation actually doesn’t have flashback. It’s a miracle and I don’t know how Marc Jacobs has done it. I use a lot of acids on my skin, which means that I need to be careful when stepping out into the sun. That’s why a foundation with SPF is a perfect match for me.

How does it last on the skin?

I don’t know if it’s just my skin that is dry and not at it’s best, but I felt like it looked cakey rather quickly. But I have only worn it once. At first it looked absolutely amazing, but it started looking heavy and cakey after a few hours. I need to try it with some more skincare underneath and with a more moisturizing primer.

Is it really as good as people say?

Yes and no. I love the way it applies on my skin and I love the way it looks. It’s just a little cakey, but most foundations actually become cakey on my skin. Which absolutely sucks, but that’s the honest truth. I will be trying the foundation out over the next few weeks to see how amazing it actually is. Because I have a feeling that it will become a quick favorite of mine. I just need to try it out with different moisturizers and primers underneath. Somehow I just feel like it looks better on others than on me. What is that about?

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