I was never one of those girls who was in love with Marc Jacobs bags, laptop sleeves, iPhone cases and all the other things he designed. I thought they were a bit gimmicky. When I heard that he was launching a makeup line I wasn’t impressed either. You are free to call me a pessimist, because that’s my true self 89% of the time.

When I started working at Sephora I had to try some of the products and get to know the brand. Not because I wanted to but because it was my job. The first product from Marc Jacobs I tried was the Velvet Noir mascara. It’s very much like the Better Than Sex Mascara from Too Faced – just better. The brush is more separating and easy to work with. The packaging wins because it’s black and sleek. It stays good for a longer period of time. It has actually been one of my favorite mascaras since I tried it back then. It was a bit easier to like his products than I thought.  Since then I have tried quite a lot of his products. Both on myself and on clients. And I must say I was wrong about Marc Jacobs. I don’t often admit when I’m wrong but this time I feel like I have to. The products are beautiful, the packaging is on point and the quality of the products are insane.

I’m a huge fan on the Highliners that are creamy eyeliners that just glide on to the eyes and when it dries it doesn’t budge. The brushes are expensive, but they are amazing. I think I only need a few until I have them all. They are beautiful and they are just amazing. I feel like he has done some brushes that are unique.

The new eyeshadow primer is absolutely amazing. Since I got it I haven’t used my Too Faced Shadow Insurance, that I have been using every day for years. It’s just softer, you use less products and it makes my eyeshadow lasts so much longer. The Omega bronzer is the perfect shade for us fair skinned girls. It’s a bit more cool toned than Hoola Bronzer from Benefit, that just looks a bit orange on me. And on top it’s just the biggest bronzer with a big mirror so it’s perfect for traveling. Some of the products that aren’t for me are the foundations. They just don’t match my skin – both in color and in texture. The concealers got discontinued before I got to try them, but that must mean that new concealers will be coming soon. At least that’s what I’m hoping for.

My newest love from Marc Jacobs are the new and improved eyeshadow palettes. The packaging is lovely because it’s thin and perfect for traveling. The pigmentation is on another level. Especially the shimmer shades. I’m obsessed with these new palettes and there might be a give away coming soon where you can win two Marc Jacobs palettes and other goodies.

This post is not sponsored. It’s me saying that I was wrong about Marc Jacobs and that I was wrong for judging the brand without even trying a products. The products are produced by Kendo who also make the products for Kat Von D and Fenty Beauty, so the quality is truly amazing and now I’m always excited for whatever Marc Jacobs will launch because I know that it will be great!

Have you tried any products from Marc Jacobs?

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