Instagram is such an amazing place to get inspiration. It’s where I find myself most of the time, when I’m on social media. Today I want to share some of the most talented makeup artists that inspire me to improve on an every day basis.  

Linda Hallberg / lindahallberg

She was one of the first makeup artists that I started followed on Instagram back in the day. Her creativity is out of this world, and I don’t know how she runs a Youtube channel, Instagram, blog and company all at the same time. She does a new look almost every day, and they are all very creative and different. Whenever I feel a bit uninspired I always find myself stalking Linda on Instagram and I always end up super inspired. Her techniques are beautiful and she is just one of the best makeup artists out there. If you aren’t already following her, then what are you doing? Find her Instagram right here.

Nicole Tait / nicoleetait

Nicole is an Australian makeup artist that I have been following for a little while. She kinda just showed up on my feed and when I saw her Instagram, I got obsessed. A cut crease is often something you find on her profile and she is always using a lot of color and pushing her techniques. It’s very inspiring to follow along and her newest series of makeup looks inspired by different flags from around the world is just amazing! And she is just so beautiful. Find her Instagram right here.

Petra / bangtsikitsiki

Finding the right picture from Petra’s profile actually took me over an hour. I took so many screenshots and it was impossible to decide because all of her looks are stunning. She does both close ups and full faces and every detail is on point. Her looks are so different and just magical. I have so many of her looks pinned on my Instagram and she inspires me with every look she does. She recently liked one of my pictures and I totally fangirled because I couldn’t believe it. You can find her magical Instagram right here.

Alyssa /alyssamarieartestry

She is the makeup artist for Anastasia Beverly Hills, which must be my dream job and I love to follow her work life on her Instagram. Not only does she do amazing looks for Anastasia, but her own Instagram is just as inspiring. Her looks are bold and daring and they often involve glitter. They are just up my street. She is so amazing at what she does and that inspired me on a deeper level. If you haven’t checked out her work, you can do so right here.

Mitchell / mmmmitchell

His work is blinding. I love his techniques and I have mentioned a few times how much he inspires me. I did a video recreating one of his looks not long ago, and people loved it. Not only does he do amazing looks, but he keeps doing looks every day, sometimes more on one day. It’s truly amazing! Find his Instagram right here.

Lucy / lsgmakeup

Lucy is only 17 years old! I couldn’t even apply mascara without fucking up, when I was 17. Haha. How is she this talented? Her techniques are just on point and I love her close up pictures of her amazing eye looks. This look is one that I have saved on Instagram and I even tried to recreate it, but that isn’t happening. I can’t do that wing. But she is just amazing and I for sure think that you should check out her Instagram right here.

Jamie Genevieve / jamiegenevieve

Jamie is not only of the makeup artists that inspire me the most on Instagram, she also inspired me so much on Youtube. Her looks are always flawless and she is just so funny. Even though she is very different from me, then she just inspired me with everything she does. I love her more neutral makeup looks and the way she always looks stunning. Find her Instagram right here.

Jordan Hanz /jordanhanz

She does more body paint and sfx looks, but that is so inspiring to me at the moment. Because I want to improve on all my levels and she gives me so many new ideas to try out. Every Halloween she does amazing looks on her Youtube and it gives me life. It’s what I look forward to every single year. If you are looking for a makeup artist that isn’t doing beauty makeup, then check Jordan’s profile right here.

Rebekka Theenaart / beautybekky

Her looks aren’t typical beauty looks, because they always have an edge which I absolutely love. I feel like every look she does is always different and that’s what inspired me a lot. Her brows are really to die for and I’m actually trying to grow out my brows to get a more full look like her. Her lip looks are also very inspiring – you should for sure go and check them out right here.

Helene Sjöstedt / helenesjostedt

She is one of the newer makeup artists that I have discovered on Instagram, but she is still very inspiring. I love the way she takes her pictures. She has perfect eyes for eyeshadows and I love her different looks. And I really love her colorful hair. Find her Instagram right here.

These were the makeup artists that inspire me at the moment on Instagram. I’m thinking about making this a regular thing, where I share some amazing artists on Instagram and Youtube. Who are your favorite instagrammers to follow?

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