The new trend on Youtube is to follow another person’s makeup tutorial. That’s exactly that I’m going today. It was hard to choose, but I decided to follow a non beauty guru’s makeup tutorial. I followed a Zoella makeup tutorial and it was so much fun! 

I followed a Zoella makeup tutorial – what did I learn?

Following a non beauty guru’s makeup tutorial doesn’t sound hard. I thought it would be really easy, because there would be no hard techniques or anything. But boy was I wrong. A non beauty guru doesn’t explain in detail what she is doing, how much product to use or exactly how to apply it. That left me stressed and confused. The thing I learned the most is that my skin looks awful without primer. And that I’m really slow at doing my makeup.

Do I prefer watching beauty gurus or non beauty gurus?

Youtube is really an ocean of different content, and that’s what I love the most. Sometimes I get sucked into baking videos and some days I only watch makeup tutorials. The videos that inspire me the most are the ones with lots of personality. That’s why I love watching Zoe’s videos. I have actually watched her videos for many years and she inspires me on so many levels. She is so fun and down to earth and so relatable. Her videos are honest and real and that’s what I love so much. Whenever I need to watch old videos, I always go back to Zoe’s old vlogs. You can find her vlog channel right here.

Which video should I do next?

I’m thinking about doing another “following blanks makeup tutorial”. This time I’m actually thinking about following a real beauty guru’s tutorial. I have been thinking about NikkieTutorials and Jaclyn Hill, but that’s what everyone is doing. What do you think? Which look do you want to see me recreate? I’m also thinking an old Petrilude tutorial. He was one of the first beauty gurus I watched on Youtube.

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