Want to win a bunch of makeup from Ardell? Then just watch the video to find out how to enter!

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  1. Wow! That is a ton of makeup! I am following on YouTube as Carolyn Barnett and in IG as @carolynreedky. I am sharing this giveaway!

  2. I love your tutorials you are so pretty,I’ve never tried this makeup brand but it looks really good,my favourite makeup brand is tarte just wish it wasn’t so expensive. Looking forward to more videos. Thankyou. Xx

  3. It’s my 60th birthday on Friday 8th June and I’m not too old to be wearing makeup so I’d love the chance to win this lovely makeup.Liked and shared also.

  4. This makeup looks so good I would love to try this:) Your blog looks Awesome to I was thinking about starting one as well. Love your blog will watch more often

  5. Omg I’m karen and I am a first time watcher. I absolutely love your personality ❤️ I love everything about makeup and trying new things. I am going to subscribe to your YouTube channel and join you Instagram ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you for this wounerful opportunity to win all of this nice makeup. I’m so excited to see more of you. I don’t subscribe to a lot but definitely going to subscribe to your channel not just because of the giveaway it because of you bubbly upbeat personality ♥️♥️♥️ Btw loved watching the video and my favorite part was you trying the new lashes it does look s little intimidating I’d love to try too thanks again

  6. Sensational beauty – would be amazing to share with all my neices
    Subscribed on Utube Margaret Gallagher
    Follow on Instagram maggz1967

    Good luck to all

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