Huda Beauty is very popular on Instagram, and she started her own makeup brand a few years ago. I have tried out a lot of the makeup already, because I just had to. Do you want to know which of the Huda Beauty products are worth the high price tag and which aren’t? 

Is the makeup really worth the high price tag?

Many people are a bit skeptical, when they see the high price tag and I understand that. Because the products are up there, but they are also really good. I personally love the two eyeshadow palettes. Rose Gold Textured Eyeshadow Palette and Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette – they are both unique in formular and in color. They created textured shadows that are unlike anything else. They are glittery and just absolutely stunning. The liquid lipsticks are the best formular out there. They are light-weight and non drying on the lips. They are the perfect liquid lipsticks.

Anything not worth the hype?

Not all makeup from a collection can be for everyone since not everyone has the same taste in makeup. I did a review and first impressions of the Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation that you can watch right here. The foundation is very full coverage and it’s a bit much for my liking. The same goes for the highlighting palettes. They are just a bit much for me. I like blinding highlighters, but I want them to still somehow look natural. And there is nothing natural about Huda Beauty makeup.

Not hyped up products that are actually amazing

Not many people are talking about the Huda Beauty primer and I’m actually very obsessed with it. It gives a lot of moisture to my skin and I need that in these cold days. Then I need to talk to you about the Huda Beauty lashes. They are right up my street. Some a natural and some are very bold. But they are all very beautiful and they are very easy to apply. They have quickly become some of my favorite lashes.

What are your favorite products from Huda Beauty?

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