Are you looking for a super full coverage foundation? Today I’m doing the Huda Beauty Foundation vs. Maybelline Superstay Foundation video. And they are my two options for you. One is way heavier than the other, but which is actually better of the two foundations? Watch the video and find out. 

How to make your full coverage foundation look natural

Many people ask me this question on a daily basis, and I always say that a full coverage foundation doesn’t look that natural. It’s just not a natural makeup product. Like a bold lip will never look natural either. But there are ways to make it look more natural. It’s primarily all in the skincare. If you take good care of your skin and have really great skin, the full coverage foundation will look more natural on you. If you have dry skin and a lot of texture, the foundation will just cling to that and it won’t be a cute look.

Huda Beauty Foundation vs. Maybelline Superstay Foundation

The two foundations are very similar, but I have my favorite. The Huda Beauty Foundation is very heavy on the skin and it covers a bit more than the Maybelline Foundation. But because I like a more medium-coverage foundation and something that is lighter on the skin. That’s why the Maybelline foundation is my favorite. If you want to find the most full coverage foundation, then the Huda Beauty Foundation will be the one for you. It’s all about preference and skintype. If you have dry skin, neither of these will be a good match.

Do you need a full coverage foundation to cover spots or acne?

The very quick and simple answer is no. You don’t need a full coverage foundation to cover spots or acne. As you can see in the video, I have a lot of scaring and spots on my chin. I have never had that bad skin before, but I’m embracing it. On a regular basis I use a light to medium coverage foundation. It evens out my skintone but it doesn’t cover my spots. Afterwards I always go in and spot conceal. In that way I get coverage where I need it and not all over the face. It looks a bit more natural and that’s also a way to go, if you are not into the full coverage foundations.

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