Do you have a special event, are you going out or do you just want to learn more about how to do your makeup? Look no further. You can get it all for free at Sephora. Want to know how? 

Learn how to do your own makeup

Are you a bit insecure when it comes to doing your makeup, or are there just some techniques that you want to learn how to do? Then it’s all possible in Sephora. You can actually chose the technique that you want to learn, wether it’s contour, strobing or eyeliner. And then you talk to a Makeup Artist in Sephora and then they will teach the techniques to you. It’s very simple and free and it’s a good way to learn how to do your own makeup. Usually the makeup artist will do the makeup on one side of your face and have you do the other side, so you actually learn how to do it. Brilliant, right?

Get your makeup done for a special event

Do you have a special event like a wedding or a big party to go to? You can come and have your makeup done at Sephora for free. Maybe you have found a look on Instagram that you really want to have done or you know that you want to have focus on the base and maybe just a tiny bit of eyeshadow on the eyes. That’s of course also possible. It’s a good way to have your makeup done without spending a lot of money and it’s a good way to see what makeup that suits you.

Try skincare or makeup on before buying it

Are you out shopping and do you want to try some skincare of makeup on your face, before actually spending money on it? You have the possibility to try it on your face to see if it suits you and your skin. Maybe you are looking to find a new foundation, concealer and powder, but you don’t know what to go for. Go into store and tell what you’re looking for. They will find a makeup artist for you that will try everything on for you so you can see how it looks on your skin and then you can give it an hour or two to see how it looks through the day. That day you can decide if it’s products that you like and want to buy or if you want to try some other products that you think will be a better fit for you and your skin.

Why can you get your makeup done for free?

In Sephora we do a 15 minutes free makeup or skincare service. So you can come in and learn about makeup, get your makeup done for a special event or try out some products that you have been looking at for a while. It’s just something that we do in store as a free service so if you want to try it, then just go in store and ask for it. I know that in the bigger stores you can get a 30 or 60 minutes service that costs money, but in every store we do 15 minutes for free. So you have a makeup artist by yourself for 15 minutes to ask all the question you want to ask and try new techniques and products on for free. Don’t hesitate to come by!

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