Welcome to the second episode of my series Becoming a Makeup Artist where I tell you everything you need to know about becoming a makeup artist. Today’s episode is all about the different ways you can start your career and many tips on how not to lose faith when you get a no. 

Get a certificate

The first and the most basic way is just to go to school, learn the basics and after that you can go and get yourself a job as a makeup artist. We only have private schools here in Denmark and they are quite expensive because they only last one to two months. It’s the most secure way because you get a certificate saying that you’re a certified makeup artist. Nobody will ever be able to take that away from you, if you start working as a makeup artist or not. This is the most secure but also the most expensive way.

Apply for jobs and maybe you’re lucky

Many retailers are looking for beauty advisors or makeup artists in shops and if you really want to start working as a makeup artist then just start applying. Maybe they say that they want someone with a certificate but sometimes if they feel like you’re good enough and if you have the passion for the specific brand maybe they will hire you. Maybe they will let you go through to a makeup interview or test and you can show them how talented you are. If they don’t hire you then you will have learned how you can improve yourself, your skills as a makeup artist and what you can do when you apply for the next job. Don’t take a no as a bad thing. Think of it as a learning experience and as the universe sending a signal. Maybe you’re not supposed to get the job because there is a better job for you out there if you’re just patience.


The main part is actually to practise. It’s good if you’re already good at applying makeup but it’s so important to practise on other people when you want to become a makeup artist. Of course it’s not that different from applying makeup to yourself but it still kinda is. Practise as much as you can. On your mom, your friends and people who want to have their makeup done. The more makeup you do the better you become. If you’re going out then ask your friends if you can do their makeup. Take your time to practise and do it as much as you can. It’s a good idea to take pictures of the makeup you do on other people so you can start building a portfolio and so you can see your improvements.

Start an Instagram, Blog, Youtube or all of the above

Social Media is not just for cute pictures of dogs and your healthy dinner that you cooked. You can actually use your SoMe accounts to get a job as a makeup artist. Whenever you do your own makeup or someone else’s makeup, don’t forget to take a picture and post it online. Build your community and connect with other makeup artists that can give you tips on how to improve your skills. Your online platforms will also be a portfolio for you to show off your skills and it shows people how passionate you are about makeup artistry. I would never have gotten my job as a makeup artist without my blog, YouTube or Instagram.

Work, Work, Work, even for free

Getting your name out there is hard and it requires a lot of work. So whenever you get the chance to work as a makeup artist, then you should just do it. Take as many jobs as you can and offer your help as much as you can. I started asking my friends and people around me if they had a big event, and many of them were so happy that I asked. Now I have people asking me all the time. People I know from my past, people I don’t know. They all ask if I can do their makeup and I say yes if I have the time. In the beginning I would say that it’s perfectly fine and normal to work for free, even though it doesn’t sound that nice. Think about the many ways you’re winning, even though you might not get any money out of it. You will get the experience, you will improve your skills and you will get pictures for your portfolio. Maybe if the person really liked the way you did his/her makeup then you can be recommended to friends and family members. It can earn you money in the long haul, so always think about the things you are getting from the experience and not just the one thing you aren’t getting.

Never give up!

Since the makeup industry boomed some years ago, more and more people want to become makeup artists. It’s a hard job and it’s hard to become a makeup artist and get booked for many jobs, but everything is possible if you have the passion and the willingness to work your ass off. You should just never give up and always think about the positive aspects. Maybe you won’t become a makeup artist within the next 6-12 months, but you can improve your skills so much. Watch a lot of YouTube, do a lot of makeup and practise many new techniques. Always think positive and think about all the great things you can achieve.

I really hope you liked this second episode of my series Becoming a Makeup Artist. Stay tuned for next week where I will talk about being a certified makeup artist, what you will learn and if it’s actually worth the money and time. It is possible to be a self-taught makeup artist but will you be able to book as many jobs as a makeup artist with a certificate? You will learn in the next episode that will be online next Saturday. Have a great weekend and thank you for reading this post!

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