It sounds dramatic and that’s only because it really makes a difference. Okay, I’m also kinda dramatic so don’t mind me. Tinting my brows is not something I had ever thought about before a Benefit Brow Bar opened in my Sephora store. One day the Sales Manager from Benefit asked me if she could tint and wax my brows because she didn’t like the look of my brows. I said of course and got in the seat. What I didn’t know is that I was in for a painful but amazing ride.

First the brows get tinted and then they get waxed into the desired shape that you want. That sounds like a quick and easy proces, but really it’s rather painful. The waxing is just horrible but the result is amazing. I have never been more happy with my brows than when I get them done.

The waxing actually activates the hairs and make them grow. So even though I had quite a lot of brow before I started waxing them I have actually gotten many hairs where I was missing hairs. And I think that’s a miracle. I have tried shaping my brows myself but it’s just not the same. I will just have to admit that I cannot do my brows in the same way as when I get them done. Each and every time I get them done I’m beyond happy about the result. I actually got my brows done this week and I have never been more happy with my brows. They are more straight and that’s the style I’m really into at the moment. They look way more full than usual and I barely need to fill them in. That is a miracle.

My brows used to be annoying and I used to spend up to 45 minutes on my brows. They used to be crazy with many holes and no volume. Now they are so full and tinting brow gel is actually enough for me. It has given me so much time in spare when I get ready. It feels so good to know that my brows can look good without product and that I can actually go out without any product in.

I don’t get my brows waxed and tinted every month, because I simply do not have the time for it but I have bought some tint so I tint my brows at home by myself. It makes things easy for me because I can keep my brows looking good for a longer period of time and when I need help then I can go and visit the Brow Bar.

Have you ever tried getting your brows tinted and waxed?

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