Sleeping hair masks are the new black and for a person that doesn’t take really good care of her hair, it seems like an easy way to do something good for my hair without spending ages on it. Today I will be testing the Coconut hair sleeping mask from Sephora Collection. Want to know if it works? Read my review right here. 

Is it really that easy to apply and sleep with?

It seems like a pretty simple thing to use. Apply the mask in the ends of the hair, apply the cap, sleep and wash out in the morning. There is 30 ml of product and that might seem like a lot, but I have thick hair so I felt like there wasn’t enough product for my hair and I really wanted to cover most of my hair but that wasn’t really possible. I’m not one of those girls who fall a sleep on one side and then wake up on the same side. I move around and sleep in a million different positions. I was wearing the cap for many hours but when I got to bed, it decided to move around and I got the mask all over my pillow, so I actually decided to wash it out before I got the mask in the entire bed.

Did it repair my hair?

I have thick and very dry hair and I could really feel that my hair got so much smoother and lighter almost. It smells a lot like coconut, even though I washed my hair afterwards and I can actually still smell it even though it has been two days since I used it. I cannot tell if it did repair my hair or not. I don’t think it did anything for the long hall, but I of course can’t tell. My hair feels softer and that’s nice.

Would I buy and use it again?

The hair mask is only $5, which isn’t that expensive and I think it’s a fun thing to use once in a while. The coconut mask is repairing, but they also have other different ones. I also bought the Acai one which is color protecting, which I will use the next time I color my hair. And that needs to be soon because my hair is looking more and more red. All in all the mask was fine. Will I sleep with it, hell no. But next time I will wear it for an entire day when I have a day where I’m just at home and where I don’t have to leave the apartment.

What do you think of hair masks? Is it something you use on a regular basis? Do you have a favorite hair mask that you can recommend? Because this girl is in need of some good hair products that can save dry hair ASAP. Thanks!

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