We all know that a skincare routine is expensive and takes a lot of time. You might rather spend your time watching Black Mirror on Netflix. I feel you, but I want to share with you hot to get into a skincare routine and actually start seeing results. It’s all about making it a routine. Your skin and makeup will look amazing once you start. 

How to get into a skincare routine

It’s important not just to start using a lot of different skincare products on your skin. You need to find out exactly what your skin needs. No matter the skintype, you need a cleanser, an exfoliating cleanser and a lot of moisture. It’s very important to cleanse your skin every morning and evening to get rid of all the dirt and sweat on your skin. It might not look dirty, but it is. Please don’t over-exfoliate. It’s only necessary 2-3 times a week and it will get rid of your dead skin on your face. For moisture it’s different what we all need. I use a hydrating serum, a moisturizer and an eye cream. Both morning and night.

Do it for 21 days straight – no cheating!

If you really want to stick to your routine and see results, you need to do do it for 21 days straight. No cheating! Because it takes exactly 21 days to make anything a habit. After the 21 days, you will of course see mayor results in your skin. In the beginning your skin can actually get worse. But that’s because the skincare is cleansing your skin. It might get rid of some clogged pores and you have had for a while. Your skin always need some time to adjust to some new skincare. Please always remember that.

How to get amazing results

If you really want to see results, then it’s the small things that matters. Don’t eat that much sugar, drink a lot of water and mask every once in a while. Your skin will love a hydrating face mask once or twice a week as well. It will just give you an extra boost of hydration to the skin. A lot of food will also give you great results with your skin. No fast foods, of course. A lot of greens is the way. If you think that all of these steps are a bit excessive, then cleansing really is key. The other things is something that you can lean into slowly.

What’s your favorite skincare product?

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