Have you always wanted to work with makeup, and do you want some great tips for your application? Do you want to know what not to do, how to get noticed from your application and how to nail the job interview? Then you need to watch this video. 

How to stand out from the other applicants

When applying for any job, it’s important to stand out. It’s important to write the best application. And mostly it’s important to show your personality. They need to know why they need to hire you and why they need you in their company. Sephora gets many applications when they hire and therefor it’s important to show why you are the best. Show your work, your personality and make the application the best you have ever written. Make it different from others. Want to know how I wrote my application? I’m telling you everything in the video.

Having a job at Sephora – how is it?

Working at Sephora is so much fun, but it’s also very hard. It requires a lot of hard work every single day and it’s long hours. Often I finish my shift at eight o’clock at night. That leaves me very hungry and very tired, because I need to cook dinner when I get home. It has taken me a lot of time where I wanted to be with my friends and family, but had to work because the shop is always open. There are so many bonuses and the job is amazing. But there are so many things that makes it a hard work. I’m just trying to be honest. The job is amazing, but as we say in Sephora “Working at Sephora is not a job, it’s a lifestyle”. You have to be willing to work and live there.

How to nail the Sephora job interview

If you want to get the job at Sephora, you need to nail the interview first. The most important thing to do at the interview is to surprise the one interviewing you. Surprise the person with knowing a lot about the brands or company. Be very outgoing and positive and smile the whole way through. Show your personality and why you want the job so badly. And don’t be nervous. You are just talking about makeup – your biggest passion.

If you have any questions about getting a job at Sephora, then please don’t hesitate to contact me. I would love to answer any questions you may have.

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