Do you have a dream about becoming a makeup artist, but don’t you know how to do it? Today I will share all of my tips and tricks on how to get a job as a makeup artist. Without even having a certificate. 

Make a portfolio

As a makeup artist it is very important to have a portfolio. It’s important to show your work and your talent. Because there are many people that are also applying for the same job, and you want to make sure that you are showing your skills and previous work. If you don’t already have pictures of your work, then ask some of your friends and family to model for you. It doesn’t have to be professional pictures, but just pictures showing your best work. If you have the possibility to do some free work to get some great pictures for your portfolio, then go ahead! It’s great to get some experience and you get some pictures that will impress the people you want to work for.

Apply, apply, apply

If you have found some places that you want to work for. It can be both retailers and maybe even fashion shows are certain makeup artist. Don’t be afraid. Don’t overthink it. Just apply. Write a mail to them telling them why you really want to work for them. It’s also important to tell them what you have to offer. The worst thing that can happen is that you will get a no from them. And if you get a no, that just means that it wasn’t meant to be.It also means that there is something better coming up. If you are brave, you can actually write and ask then why you get a no. So you can learn how you can improve for next time.

Show your passion

How to get a job as a makeup artist? The main thing is showing your passion. I got a job as a makeup artist because of my YouTube channel and this blog. Because I was spending time showing how much I love makeup and beauty in general. So if you don’t already have a makeup instagram, blog or YouTube channel, get started! Maybe you are looking to stay more private, then just post close ups on Instagram of eye looks and looks you do on others. It’s just a way to get started and to get noticed. Both by makeup artists but also by brands. If you are looking to work with a specific brand, then do some looks with their products and post it on Instagram. Of course, don’t forget to tag them! It’s shows your love for the brand and the products.

You don’t need to have a certificate to become a makeup artist, so if this is the job you really want, then just go and get it! Everything is possible if you work hard enough. Believe in yourself and work hard. And stay positive!

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