High end makeup always looks so amazing and glamorous online, but is it all really that good? Today I have found some products that I really hate and I’m using them all in this makeup look. It’s full face of makeup using products I hate. And I hope you like it. 

Why isn’t high end makeup always amazing?

Not all makeup is suited for every skintype and preferences. Some products that I love and use every day may be a total miss for you. Simply because we have different skintypes and preferences. Some people like natural makeup where others like full coverage. It’s like food. Not all people like the same. That’s why you can’t just go out and spend a lot of money on high end makeup and expect it to be amazing. Because you will end up disappointed and that’s not fun! There is nothing worse than spending a lot of money on makeup and then it just doesn’t work well.

How to find the right products that won’t disappoint

It is possible to only buy the products that will look amazing on you. But it takes some practise. First you need to find out what products will look good on your skin and what you like. Because that will make it a lot easier for when you are shopping for new makeup. In most high end makeup stores you will have the possibility to try out the products before you buy them. It’s even possible to get samples of liquid products, except concealer. So you can try the products out at home, before you buy them. It’s a good way to see if it’s the right match for you. It’s like trying on clothes before buying it.

Finding your skintype and what looks good

It can be hard finding your skintype and finding the right foundation to match. I did a video covering the different skintypes and how to find out which skintype you have. I also talk about which foundations that match the different skintypes and what to look for in a foundation. If you want to learn more and watch the video, I will link it right here. Otherwise you always have the possibility to get help in store from a professional, which is always a great tip.

Do you find it difficult to find the right foundation for your skin?

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