It’s a new year and it’s time for many New Year’s resolutions. One of mine is to get more organized. I’m actually a very organized person, but when I become busy I kinda forget to be organized. So that’s why I started the year clearing out and organizing my everyday makeup drawer. I wanted to make sure that I know where everything is and that I have all the makeup that I love and use handy.

I use my MALM table from IKEA as my everyday makeup drawer and I really love it. It holds a lot of makeup and it’s still small enough that it doesn’t take up our entire bedroom, which I think my boyfriend really appreciates. I didn’t have a makeup table before moving into this apartment. I used to sit on the floor and do my makeup. Who was I? I couldn’t live without my makeup table now and I use it every single day.

How do you store your makeup?

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