When it comes to storing makeup, I have my everyday makeup drawer that I absolutely love. And if you want to see how I store my makeup, how I organize my makeup and declutter. Then you have come to the right place. 

The best way to store makeup

I have two ways to store my makeup. I have my makeup collection that is in my Alex drawer from Ikea. It’s where I store most of my makeup and it’s pretty organized, I must say. But then I have my everyday makeup drawer which is where I store the makeup I use on an everyday basis. My everyday makeup drawer is the Malm desk, also from Ikea. It’s where all my favorite products are and it’s where I film and get ready. It’s my favorite spot in the entire apartment, because it’s where I get to be creative.

Why do I need two different places to store makeup?

First of all, it’s easier that way. It makes things so much easier for me, when I have to do my makeup and when I have to film. If I have to do a specific look, I can go to my makeup collection and find the products that I need. When I need to get ready in the morning I can sit down and I have all of my favorite products in front of me. It’s just the best way ever to store makeup, in my opinion.

Everyday makeup drawer – how to organize it

Each month I go through the drawer and clean it up, as I’m showing you in the video. I’m taking some products out of the drawer and putting them to storage. That makes room for new products that I’m trying out or old favorites that I haven’t used in a while. It makes it easy for me to use all of the products and to see them all laid out in front of me in the drawer. I have small dividers from Ikea that I store each category in, which just makes it even more organized.

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