A colorful cut crease is not something that you do for an everyday look, but experimenting with makeup is one of my favorite things. It makes me feel so much more creative and it helps me to improve my skills as a makeup artist. If you want to learn more about the colorful cut crease look, then read more here. 

How Mitchell inspired me

If you didn’t already know @mmmmitchell on Instagram, then where have you been? He is one of the most amazing and talented makeup artists. There are of course many talented artists on Instagram. But his work inspires me every day. His new and unique techniques and way to use color is extraordinary. I think you should all go and check out his work, because he is beyond amazing at what he does.

Is a cut crease hard to do?

Many people always look at pictures on Instagram and think “that looks easy”. But in real life the look has taken hours of blending to become a look. Makeup is hard, I won’t like to you. But it’s also the most fun thing. So it can be hard, but it will really be worth it in the end. This look took me three hours to do. But I’m very proud of it and the way that it turned out. Do you want to nail a cut crease? Get out your brushes and start practicing!

My best advise for a cut crease

If you want to do a perfect cut crease, then you need to practice. But a great tip is to use small brushes, especially for the concealer part. My best advise for a cut crease is really just to tip your head back to find your crease and to support your pinkie on your cheek to minimize the hand shaking. And for God’s sake; breathe! Sometimes I concentrate so much that I forget to breathe and get dizzy, so please don’t do that! If you recreate this look, then please tag me @michelleglassow on Instagram. I would love to see your looks!

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