The Perfect Lipsticks for Everyday


I have never been the type of person who wore lipstick everyday because I thought it was a bit too much, but I recently starting wearing lipstick more. It’s so beautiful so wear something on the lips and I want to start wearing lipstick on an everyday basis.

The days I don’t want to wear something I just go for a very understated lipstick such as the YSL rouge colupte shine lipsticks. They are glossy and beautiful on the lips and they feel like lip balm which is a big plus in my book. I have the number 15.

The days I want to wear a little something but not go over the top I choose a lipstick such as the Matte Revolution lipstick from Charlotte Tilbury in the shade Amazing Grace. It’s rosy-nude and it’s just beautiful.

The days where I’m feeling like I need to add a little something extra to my wardrobe I go for the Rimmel 107 lipstick. It’s such an amazing lipstick and it’s not heavy or anything on the lips. I really love wearing this – also for everyday.

Which lipstick is your favorite everyday lipstick?

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Top Five Face Brushes

top 5 face brushesI have always been a fan of makeup brushes – especially the ones for the face. It makes such a huge difference when you are applying your foundation and concealer. I wanted to show you my top five face brushes to give you some inspiration if you’re looking for a makeup brush.

My all time favorite brush is from Louise Young and it’s the LY34 brush. It gives such a beautiful and natural look when applying foundation. I use it on an everyday basis because it makes the foundation look like skin and not like you’re wearing makeup.

My favorite brush for powder, bronzer and blush is the duo-fibre face brush from Real Techniques. It also gives such a natural look and it’s very important when I’m doing my makeup. I have two of these brushes – that’s how much I love them.

When it comes to concealer and highlighter I have one favorite brush as well. It’s also from Real Techniques and it’s the setting brush. It’s perfect for under the eyes and it’s also perfect for highlighter. I need to buy myself another one because right now I just have one and that’s not ideal when I want to use it for concealer and highlighter.

Another foundation brush that’s just amazing is from Sigma and it’s the F80 Flat Kabuki brush – which is loved by many beauty bloggers and vloggers. It gives a natural look and it’s so easy to use. I grab for it very often.

The last brush is actually the newest addition to my makeup brush collection and I bought it off Ebay. It’s a bit hard to work with at first, but when you get used to it it’s amazing. I really love it for when I want my foundation to have a higher coverage.

What’s your favorite face brush?

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Shop My Stash #1

IMG_2914 IMG_2917 IMG_2934 IMG_2940 IMG_2942I have been away from my makeup collection for almost three months so when I was going to do my makeup today I decided to shop my stash and look for products, I haven’t used in a while or that I even forgot that I had.

Here’s the makeup I did with the makeup I found in my stash. I have so much makeup I forgot I had so I can do plenty of these posts. My favorite things I “shopped” is the NARS Sheer Glow Foundation, the Filmstar Bronze and Glow palette from Charlotte Tilbury and my all time favorite eyeshadow palette the Naked Basics from Urban Decay.

The lipstick is the Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita from Kat Von D – one of my favorite lipsticks ever!

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Where have I been?

IMG_2900Many things has happened since I last posted. The main thing is that my laptop broke and I have been waiting to get it back. A life without a laptop isn’t nice and I’m happy to be reunited with my baby.

I have moved. Two times actually. Now I live with two of my friends and I couldn’t be happier. And I have started uni again after a break for an internship. But I’m back. On the blog, on youtube and I’m so excited!

I have been without most of my makeup for almost three months and finally I’m reunited with it. That’s why I wanted to show you some beauty favorites in this post. There are three new additions to my makeup collection; MAC Velvet Teddy lipstick, Rimmel Salon Pro Nail polish in Soul Session and Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip brow Pomade in Medium Brown. My all time favorite foundation is the Luminous Silk Foundation from Armani and I can’t believe I didn’t bring it with me when I left for Copenhagen.

I want to start doing more outfit pictures and the sun is actually shining right now so maybe I should take advantage of the good weather while it’s here.

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Date Night Makeup Look

Another day – another makeup tutorial. I simply just love doing my makeup and today I did a date night makeup look that I really hope you will enjoy. It’s very simple but still one of my favorite looks to wear.

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Zoeva Rose Golden Palette

One of the things I showed you in my haul was the Zoeva Rose Golden palette and today I decided to play with it and I came up with this look. It’s a bit dramatic but I really love it. If you want to see what products I used, then keep on reading. 

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Orange Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

This was my first time using my new Morphe 35k palette and I created this look with an orange smokey eye, a winged liner and the beautiful everlasting liquid lipstick in Lolita II by Kat Von D. What look do you want to see next?

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