Do you want to use skincare that actually works and do you want to save a buck or two? Look no further. I have gathered six budget skincare products that actually make a difference and they are all under 20$. Skincare is super important to keep your skin looking great, not just in your face, but also all over your body. But skincare is the most expensive thing out there. If you want a serum and a moisturizer you could end up spending 100$+. So that’s why I have gathered six lovely skincare products that actually make a difference on the skin.

Balea Day Cream with Q10, 50 ml –  2$

2$ for a night creme with Q10 – now that’s a good offer. This moisturizer adds a lot of moisture and it leaves my skin feeling amazing and looking beautiful. My skin really loves this cream and I enjoy using it. The scent is very mild and it also feels very mild on my skin. My sensitive skin actually likes this and it is normally very picky. So this is a product that I will continue to use. Balea is a German brand, I believe. I bought it in Germany and they had cleansers, masks and everything was around the 2$ mark which is insane. I also have a cleanser for sensitive skin that I use in the shower and I love it very much.

Skin Food Watermelon Mask, 90 ml – 13$

Looking for a mask that makes your skin very glowy and smooth? Then look no further! This mask is absolutely stunning and my skin always looks amazing after I use it. It contains product for many uses and that’s why it’s such a bargain. I have the watermelon version which is soothing and I used it in the summer when I was on Bali and my skin was exposed to sun every day. I still use it around once a week and it smells amazing and my skin always looks glowy and beautiful after using it.

Sephora Luminizing Booster, 20 ml – 17 $

This serum has changed my life. I have very dry skin in the winter time and I’m always looking for products that will help my dry skin look just a little bit normal. This serum smells amazing and it’s the perfect base for my skincare products. It just adds that extra moisture that I’m looking for in the winter. They also do a clearing one that I use whenever my skin is acting out and I love it as well. It’s a very inexpensive serum and it lasts for around 6 months for me. I know I couldn’t live without it.

Sephora Pomegranate Sheet Mask – 6$

If you didn’t already know, I have the biggest love for sheet masks and I can’t get enough of them. I use them once a week even though I want to use one once a day. The ones from Sephora are amazing and there are many different once to chose from so you can get the right match for your skin’s need. I have tried almost all of them and I’m obsessed. I always have a Sephora sheet mask in my skincare drawer ready to use. I really recommend them because they make a difference. The pomegranate one is anti-fatigue which is something I need after an exam period. But the rose one is my favorite because it adds the most moisture.

Original Source Body Lotion Mango, 200 ml – 3$

Original Source is a brand that I have gotten to know through social media and I actually thought that it would be way more expensive than it actually is. The brand is very affordable and they make amazing products. And the greatest thing about this brand, you may ask? It’s vegan! I don’t stumble upon many skincare bits that are vegan. This mango body lotion leaves my skin feeling very moisturized and nice. It’s my summer body lotion and whenever I smell it, it sends me back to summer and great memories.

Sephora Very Rich Hand Cream, 50 ml –  10$

In the winter time we are all looking for products that make our skin feel moisturized because it’s cold outside and everything is making our skin drier than in the summer time. I have never been a hand cream kinda girl simply because I never need to use it, but as I have gotten older I have found the need for it more. I’m sounding like I’m 50 years old, but really I’m 24. I just love this hand cream because it gives me all the moisture that I need.

Those were some of my budget friendly skincare bits for the face, body and hands. I love finding products that really work and that they barely cost anything is a big bonus. If you have any budget skincare products that you’re loving, then please feel free to share them in the comments, so we can all share our favorites.

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