Shopping is one of my favorite things to do, and whenever I travel I seem to shop at lot more because I find new and exciting things and stores. This weekend I spent in Germany with my boyfriend and of course I had to do some shopping. I’m showing you everything I bought in this video. 

Is drugstore makeup even good?

A big makeup and skincare haul isn’t complete without some drugstore. At least if you have visited Germany. Their drugstores are so much better than the Danish ones. They actually have some amazing products on the shelves. Or at least they look amazing. I haven’t tried them yet. Normally I’m not that into drugstore makeup, because I can never find good products here in Denmark. When I find some products that look good, they just end up being bad.

Why shop at Sephora when you work at Sephora?

I work as a makeup artist at Sephora in Denmark, but I shopped at Sephora in Hamborg. My boyfriend asked me “Why do you want to go to a shop, where you already know all of the products?”. It’s just so much fun to see a new store and how everything is. I love my job and I wanted to see if there was anything they are doing in Germany that we could bring to Denmark. The main reason why I wanted to go to Sephora was because they had Huda Beauty in Hamborg and we don’t have that where I work. Yet 😉

What do I need to shop next?

I actually have a lot of shopping I want to do, mainly because I want to do some videos for you guys. I really want to go shopping to buy some more drugstore. There are also some high end bits that I need for some videos and I couldn’t be more excited! Do you have some videos that you want to see from me, then just leave comment down below.

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