2017 is long gone but I still wanted to come on here to talk about the best beauty advise I learned from the past year. I worked the whole year in Sephora and got to learn many things about both makeup and skincare. So I would say that my knowledge in the beauty world for sure got way bigger last year and here is what I learned about in 2017.

Skincare is key

I was never that much into skincare because I never learned how to properly clean my skin. I used to remove my makeup every once in a while and that was it. I didn’t use moisturizer or anything. My skin hurts just thinking about it. One of my New Year’s Resolutions from 2016 was to get into a proper skincare routine and that was actually one of the only resolutions that I stuck it. I got into cleansing, exfoliating, peeling, serums and even eye cream. Those 30 minutes extra every day is for sure worth it and my skin has never looked better. I don’t often get a spot anymore, except for the hormonal spot that time of the month. Otherwise I have very good skin. I just need to get rid of some blackheads and I really want to start using a skin roller to make sure

Stress is your worst enemy

2017 was the first time that I actually felt stressed and my skin was the first placed that showed it. I have never had worse skin. It got super dry, irritated, I got eczema and a lot of spots. My skincare routine didn’t help much because I needed to relax and it was my body’s way to tell me to calm down and take care of myself. I didn’t eat right all year because I was working, so when I worked in the morning I forgot to eat breakfast. When I worked in the evening I couldn’t eat dinner because I was at work. It was a mess. Now I have learned that stress is the worst thing I can do to my body and whenever I don’t feel good I take a deep breath and feel what my body wants me to do.

Brows can save you so much time

My brows have been a big mess ever since I was little because they have always been very big and bushy and that just wasn’t a good look when I was younger. So they have always been a struggle in my life. Since I learned about waxing and tinting my life has been changed. I did an entire blogpost about brows and you can find it right here.

Natural is acceptable

With me being a makeup artist I’m always used to wearing a lot of makeup and doing many crazy looks and I’m so used to people stopping me on the street asking me if I’m going to a theme party. Last year I accepted that not wearing makeup is okay and that it is totally fine to go shopping without wearing any makeup at all. With me wearing so much makeup when I’m at work my skin needs to breathe so I love having no makeup days.

Lipstick can be your friend

I used to never wear lipstick. Not even when I was wearing a full face of makeup. My lips used to always be bare. But last year I learned how much a beautiful lipstick pulls a look together. It doesn’t have to be a bold lipstick, it can also be just a little color on the lips. I have found a love for lipsticks in 2017 and I’m actually becoming friends with lipsticks in 2018. I have just found that I need a more natural lip that doesn’t make my lips dry.

Always keep a lip balm handy

Once again I ended a year with the driest lips ever. I do not know how it is possible for one human to have dry lips this many days every year, but I ALWAYS have dry lips. I don’t know why. I feel like I get enough water, but maybe I need to start drinking more. So I have learned that it’s good to always have a lip balm handy. When I don’t have a lip balm next to me my lips just gets worse. They end up being so chapped and red that I can’t even kiss my boyfriend goodnight without almost crying. I have found that the NUXE Reve De Miel lip balm is the best for my chapped lips because it cures them.

Those were the best advise that I can give you and that I learned in 2017. I’m excited to see what I will learn in 2018. What’s your best beauty advise from 2017?

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