Everyone is talking about the new mascara from Benefit called Bad Gal BANG. Some people like is and some don’t. Is it really that different from the other mascaras from Benefit? Find all the answers to your questions in the video above. 

Are Benefit mascaras generally worth the hype?

Some of the more popular mascaras are the ones from Benefit. I sell many of them every single day and mainly due to influencers having mentioned them on either Instagram or Youtube. They are all with plastic wands which is something I would like to improve, because I really do prefer a regular mascara wand. But so many people swear by the Benefit mascaras and they are iconic. I have them all in my collection and I do like them too. But they are not my ride or die mascaras.

Benefit Bad Gal BANG Mascara – what does it do?

If you haven’t heard about the new mascara from Benefit, where have you been? It’s all over social media these days, and I have even made a video where I tried it for the first time. If you want to see that, I will link it right here. It’s a volumizing and it’s very light due to aero particles. The mascara is very different to any mascara I have ever tried before, but it gave me a very similar look to the other mascaras.

Which is the best of the Benefit Mascaras?

I feel like it’s a very personal call. And my answer is to be found in the video above. I feel like now there is finally a mascara for everyone from Benefit. They have they’re real, which is a lengthening mascara. Then there is Rollerlash, which gives a lot of curl to the lashes. And finally we have Bad Gal BANG which gives volume. It depends on your lashes and how you want your lashes to look like.

Which mascara do you like the best?

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