The Benefit Bad Gal Bang Mascara launched today and I decided to go out and buy it and try it out for you guys. It’s a volumizing mascara that Benefit has been working on for four years, which is really exciting. Want to know what I think, then just watch the video. 

Does it give me the volume that I need?

For being a volumizing mascara, I don’t think it gives me enough volume. It gives me much more length than volume which I’m actually totally fine with. I love the length it gives me. I have never seen my lashes this long and I’m over the moon about it. It somehow gave my lashes a lot and it’s not like any other mascara I have ever tried.

Will it make me stop using my favorite mascara?

I’m not a person who only uses one mascara at a time, even though I should be. It’s not good to use 5-7 mascaras at a time, because they end up drying out because I can use them up. But that’s what I do. So the Bad Gal Bang Mascara won’t make me stop using my other mascaras. But it will be in my every day drawer so I can use it from time to time. I want to use the mascara many times before I really find out if I like it or not.

Lightweight mascara that feels like nothing on the lashes

The crazy thing about this mascara is, that it’s nothing like any mascara I have ever tried before. It’s so lightweight. It feels like nothing on the lashes and it’s strange. The lashes don’t get crispy or anything like that and even though they add a lot of product, they still feel lightweight. I really like the wand and the formular, and I think it’s a different mascara that is not currently on the market.

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