Spring is the time for new launches in the makeup and beauty world. That means a lot of new products from every brand and many things you will feel like buying. I buy a lot of makeup, since I am a makeup artist, I have a beauty blog, Instagram and Youtube and I work retail as a makeup artist at Sephora. My whole life surrounds makeup and that’s why I buy and use more makeup than the average person. So today I wanted to share my anti haul for spring 2018 with you. 

What is an anti haul?

It’s basically the opposite of a haul. Instead of showing you guys what I bought, I’m showing you what I will not be buying. It’s a good way to think about all of the launches and what things I actually need in my collection. That way I won’t spend my money on some products that will just be laying in a drawer. I feel like it’s healthy to look at the launches and think about what you will need and what you won’t need. It helps me from buying too much makeup, and to buy only the makeup I need. Jokes, let’s be honest I still buy too much makeup and sometimes even makeup I don’t need.

What’s wrong with the products I won’t be buying?

Nothing is wrong with any of the products, at all. I just have so much makeup that I only want to buy the stuff that I see fit in my collection or that I need for a video. I don’t need many highligher palettes that look identical. Mainly because I don’t use highlighter palettes that often. So in that way I’m just thinking about what I need even though the products look beautiful and are very nice products.

What products will you not be buying?

I have my own list of products that I won’t be buying. Would you do the same? I would love to hear you guys’s list of makeup that you just won’t need from the new collections. And which products you will be buying from my anti haul list. It’s very fun to see different peoples needs and wants. So please let me know if you disagree on some of the products that I mentioned in the video.

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