All About Mattes

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I have always been a sucker for matte eyeshadows. On an everyday basis I always wear mattes all over the eyelid and in the crease and if I’m feeling wild I will use a black matte eyeshadow as an eyeliner. So you can say that I’m all about that mattes, ’bout that mattes – no shimmer!

Don’t get me wrong – when it’s a special occasion like Christmas or New Years, I will use all the shimmer and glitter in the world. Because who doesn’t love shimmer?

My new favorite love is the Tartelette palette from Tarte which is just mattes – both cool and warm toned. There are both neutrals and a hint of purple shades. I’m absolutely in love with this palette and when I saw on Instagram that Tarte is bringing out a new Tartelette palette I knew I had to get it when it comes out.

Are you Team Matte or Team Shimmer?

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