I came home from the best trip to Hamburg with my boyfriend yesterday. The reason we visited Hamburg was to see Troye Sivan and then we decided to make a trip out of it. We stayed at Reichshof Hotel in the center of the city and the hotel was amazing. I will write a full review of the hotel soon.

We arrived to Hamburg Thursday afternoon and went for a walk in the sun and had some very nice italian food at night before buying snacks and going to bed early. We spent the night in bed watching Finding Nemo and eating chocolate. It was for sure the perfect night.

Friday we spent out and about. We started the day with a canal tour and a walk around the city. We had one of the best burgers before going to Reeperbahn for some drinks in the sun before the concert. The weather was so beautiful and it was so lovely.

The concert was beyond amazing. I have no words. It was the best concert I have ever been to, and I have been to quite a lot of concerts. The atmosphere was amazing and everyone was loving Troye and his music so much. I wish I could go see him again!

After the concert we went out for some drinks and the morning after we drove home after eating our own body weights in scrambled eggs and bacon. I had the best couple of days with my favorite person in the world.

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