Sheet masks are very in at the moment, and I’m all sucked up into the hype. I love sheet masks and that’s why I decided to try out a difference sheet masks every day for seven days. I did the 7 day sheet mask challenge. Want to know which is the best? 

Day 1 Tony Moly Earth Beauty Bubble Mask Sheet

Even though the drawing on the packaging clearly shows that it’s only a half sheet mask, then I was very surprised that it shouldn’t cover my entire face. First thought is that it smells nice and it feels nice. It tickles a tiny bit because of the bubbles and I look absolutely ridiculous. This sheet mask is supposed to only be on for 5-10 minutes and then rinsed with water. That’s unlike any other sheet mask I have ever tried. Usually I go for hydrating masks, but my skin isn’t happy at the moment, so I thought it would like some peeling. A few minutes in I’m starting to feel the peeling going on. I have sensitive skin, so I can feel it. It doesn’t hurt or anything and it’s just my skin working.

The mask is 6,5$ which is 40 Danish Kroner. That’s a very normal price for a sheet mask, but you can buy bundles for a way cheaper price.

Worth the time and money?

I couldn’t tell the biggest difference after I rinsed the mask off. My pores didn’t look smaller and my skin didn’t look clearer, but of course it doesn’t look clear right away. I could feel the mask working on my skin and that’s a good sign. Somehow my skin was very softer after I used it and I didn’t think it would be, since it’s a peeling mask, so I was pleasantly surprised. Would I buy this and use it again? Yes. I liked it. Was it my favorite sheet mask ever? No, not really. I didn’t like that it only covered half of my face. My forehead also needs some love.

Day 2 Tony Moly Pikachu Moisture Mask Sheet with Honey Extract

I love Pokémon and Pikachu so of course I had to try this sheet mask when I saw it online. It’s smaller than most sheet masks and I feel like it’s very close to my eyes. I have some spots that are almost gone, but they need some love, so that’s why I picked this sheet mask because it contains honey, which is very healing. It feels very cooling and nice on the skin. It has to stay on for 15-20 minutes, but I like to leave it on for up to an hour to get all the moisture from the mask.

The mask is 20$ for 5 pieces and I couldn’t find anywhere you could just buy one mask.

Worth the time and money?

I had the mask on for about an hour and there was still some product in it, so it really had a lot to offer my skin. My skin felt incredible soft and glowy afterwards. I could feel that my skin had gotten a lot of moisture and my makeup looked BOMB that day. For sure worth the money and time! I actually used it in the morning because I had some extra time and I wanted to see how my makeup looked after wearing a sheet mask and let me say; it’s not the last time I use sheet masks in the morning.

Day 3 Skinfood Red Beet Hydrating Sheet Mask

First though is; it’s super wet and even though it’s dripping on my bathroom floor while I apply it, there is still a ton of product left in the package, so maybe this could be used more than one time? I never recommend it due to germs and such, but I think there is enough product in this to use it multiple times. The sheet mask is very cooling, and I must say that it’s the sheet mask that has “hurt” the most. It isn’t painful, but it’s not the most pleasant feeling in the world, I must say.

The mask is 2,90$ and that’s a very fair price for a sheet mask. They do many different kinds that will help different skintypes, so there will be a mask for everyone.

Is it worth the time and money?

I really cannot complain about the price. It’s very cheap and it gave my skin so much hydration. I feel like a hydrating face mask is for everyone, even the people out there with oily skin. They still need hydration. This was just a joy to use. It left my skin soft and hydrated and it was a nice treat after a long day.

Day 4 Sephora Collection Lotus Face Mask

I love Sephora’s sheet masks very much. I always have a few different kinds in my skincare drawer ready to use on nights when I really need some hydrating for my skin. The one thing that really annoys me about these sheet masks is that there are two pieces of sheet stuck together. It’s hard to get them unfolded and to find out which is the right one that you need to use on your face. Other than that, I love these so much. They are affordable, and they really work. This Lotus sheet mask is moisturizing and that’s really all I need these days.

The mask is 6$, which quite fine. It’s a nice price for a mini facial. There are many different kinds. So you can find something for your skin, no matter what skintype you have.

Is it worth the time and money?

Afterwards my skin looked so glowy and felt amazing. Normally I use the Rose mask, but now I’m sure that I will use this just as much. The lotus smells amazing and it makes my skin feel beautiful. I’m happy I spent the money and time on this sheet mask. This was one of my favorites so far.

Day 5 Tony Moly I’m Real Tomato Sheet Mask

I have mixed feelings about Tony Moly’s Sheet Masks. Maybe because they are just too big to fit my face. I always end up with the product in my eyes and that just hurts. A lot. This Tomato sheet mask doesn’t smell like tomato, even though I love tomatoes. It smells fresh and it feels nice on the skin. It gives hydrating and radiance to the skin, which my skin really needs today because I forgot to drink water because I was on the road most of the day. So it’s nice to get home and apply a sheet mask and get some hydrating back to the skin.

The mask is $3 and that’s really cheap. It’s a great price for a sheet mask.

Is it worth the time and money?

I think the sheet mask was a bit annoying because it didn’t fit my face and I ended up ripping it apart and everything was a mess. Maybe it was just because I was tired, but I remember having similar problems with sheet masks from the same range before. It’s not my favorite mask, but it’s cheap and it does the job. So yes, the sheet mask is worth the time and money. I would maybe just prefer other masks to this one.

Day 6 Too Cool For School Pumpkin 24K Gold Sheet Mask

This sheet mask is very different from any other sheet mask I have ever tried before. In a good way. It was very slime-y and very thin. It felt very much like putting a Vietnamese spring roll paper on my face. Again, in a good way. It stuck to my face and didn’t move. I felt like I could do things with it on, and that’s not something I could with the other sheet masks. It made me feel hydrated and it left my skin looking and feeling amazing.

The mask is $8 which is rather pricy for one mask, but it was really great. It did good things for my skin.

Is it worth the time and money?

YES! I absolutely loved this sheet mask and I would love to use it once a week. It felt great on my skin and it just felt like my skin got that little more moisture than any of the other sheet masks which is amazing. I’m over the moon about the mask and I will go and buy more tomorrow.

Day 7 Dr. Jart+ Rubber Mask, Hydration Lover

This sheet mask is for sure also very different. It comes with a serum that you have to spread all over your face and then a two-piece sheet mask that’s rubbery and almost dry. The mask has such a strange consistency and it’s so much fun. It feels so strange, but still cooling and nice. It says that it will minimize texture which I need, so let’s hope it will do that for me. It’s very fragile and it slips on the face, and when you try to move it up, it just breaks. That’s a very big minus for me.

The mask is $12, which is a crazy price for a mask that you can only use once.

Is it worth the time and money?

I really liked the feeling of the mask when it was on my face, and I felt like it gave some moisture. But I feel like I could have gotten the same moisture with just a serum or the serum mask itself. I don’t feel like I needed the blue mask on top at all, but it felt nice. Would I spend $12 on this again? I don’t think so, but it was nice to try.

Which is the winner?

I have now used one sheet mask every day for a week and I have loved it. My skin is really looking amazing at this point and it feels super hydrated. My favorite masks have to be the Pumpkin 24K Gold Mask, the Sephora Lotus Mask and the Skinfood Red Beet Mask. They were the ones who gave me the most hydration and moisture and they felt the best on the skin. My least favorite has to be the one from Tony Moly mainly because the sheet didn’t fit on my face and it got in my eyes.

I hope my reviews have helped you a bit and that it has made you more aware of the different sheet masks on the market. I must admit that it was a pure joy to test all the masks and that it felt great every day to take 20-60 minutes to relax with a face mask on. It really did something mentally as well as for my skin. The 7 day sheet mask challenge was for sure a challenge, but it was a good thing for my skin. And since I love trying new products, it was so much fun.

Which is your favorite sheet mask of all time?

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