Christmas Nails

christmas nails the goldsThe golds are for sure a favorite during the holidays. Both with glitter chunks and without. Golden nails are so festival and they can be worn on their own but also with other shades, like red.
christmas nails the nudes but not nudes The nudes are also a favorite for me during the holidays. These nudes are a bit darker than normal because I think it’s good to go darker in the colder months. You can also go for a brown or purple shade. If you want to add some glitter then maybe add a little on the tip of the nail for some extra festivity. christmas nails the redsThe reds are for sure a classic during the holiday season. There we have a deep bloody red and a more darker red. They are beautiful on their own but also with glitter, especially gold look amazing with red.

Which nail look are you going for?

How To Make Hot Chocolate With Peppermint

hot chocolate with peppermint hot chocolate how to make hot chocolateIt’s Christmas so it’s time to drink all the hot chocolate in the world. I’m a lover of tea normally but at Christmas time I love a cup of hot chocolate once in a while. So for a nice cup of hot chocolate with a touch of peppermint you will need:

A cup, milk, chocolate powder, whipped cream and candy canes.

All you need to do is heat up the milk and stir in the chocolate powder, whip the cream and put it on top of the hot chocolate. If you want a touch of peppermint, then you will just put a candy cane into the hot chocolate and it will melt and add the lovely taste of peppermint.

Enjoy and merry Christmas!

The Best Way To Remove Makeup

removing makeupEven though it’s not as fun as applying makeup it’s important to remove it after wearing it for the day. There are many ways to remove makeup. Some just use water but here I have three ways to easy remove your makeup.

1. The cleansing oil. Removing makeup with a oil leaves the skin clean and hydrated. It’s very easy to take a pump of the oil and rub all over the face and eyes and after wash off. This is the way I prefer.

2. The cleansing water. Bioderma is a favorite among models and makeup artist across the world. Apply it on a cotton pad and remove your makeup. It’s very easy and quick.

3. The cleansing wipes. This is the lazy option. Wipes aren’t good for the skin but it’s sure easy. Sometimes they are just the nearest thing you have and they do the job quite fine.

How do you remove your makeup?