Black Jeans Blue Shirt

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Here is the outfit I wore to the Disney’s The Little Mermaid Musical. I went for high heels to make the look more classic and to add some edge I wore a leather jacket on top. The shoes are from H&M and they are so pretty but they need to be worn in. They hurt my feet quite a lot.

The musical was beyond amazing and I loved it. The actors, singers and dancers were so talented and I enjoyed every minute of it. Musicals are for sure my favorite!

Makeup Of The Night

motd makeup of the day beauty blog blogger glassow makeup motd makeup of the day beauty blog blogger glassowTuesday evening was a special evening because I was going to the Disney’s Little Mermaid musical which I was very excited about. I decided to go for a brown eye with black liner. Nothing too much but still something more than everyday.

Lately I have been growing my brows and they are looking fuller and fuller. It is taking some time to get used to. What do you think of big brows?

Black and Grey

grey black outfit ootd fashion blog blogger glassowblack grey outfit fashion blog blogger glassowoutfit grey black details fashion blog blogger glassowThe fall is coming and I know this will be my uniform. A dress and a leather jacket. It’s so simple and yet so classic. I bought this grey dress when I was in Turkey and I really like it because it’s shorter in the front and longer in the back.

I can’t believe how time is flying by. I feel like it was just July and now we are over half way through September. Christmas is just around the corner and so are better times. 2015 will bring some big changes in my life and I’m more ready than ever.