A Night Out: In My Bag

a night out what's in my bag glassow beauty blog fashion blog blogger danish girlSecond post to the “A Night Out” series and it’s what’s in my bag. I don’t carry that much on a night out and I really didn’t carry much on this night. I have my trusty EOS Lip Balm that saves my lips because they always get dry on a night out (perhaps from all the singing along to songs…) and of course I have the lip stick that I’m wearing that night. This night it was MAC Patisserie which is one of my favorite lip sticks at the moment both for going out and for everyday. I always carry a concealer with me if a spot should decide to pay a visit (we all know it happens when we are out and not at home in our PJ’s!)

One thing I always carry with me on a night out is a hair band because I often get hot when I dance and if my hair is annoying I want to tie it up (no matter if it looks good or not…) I think gum is important to carry on a night out (well, because alcohol gives a really bad breath. And because everybody asks for gum when being out, so I like to be the one who actually has the gum. Is that weird?) Of course I carry money as well and when I carry a small bag I often just put the coins and notes inside the bag and I really don’t know why because it leaves the bag very messy.

What do you always carry on a night out?

A Night Out: Skincare

night out skincare glassow beauty blog origins face mask kiehls facial cleanser eye cream la roche posay cremeThe next couple of days I will have a series on the blog. It’s called “A Night Out” and it will show what I use for a night out. I will show you my skincare today. First I use the Origins Clear Improvement Mask to get rid of any dirt in my pores. I love to use a face mask before going out because it makes my skin looks so healthy and good. Then I also used the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleaner (a review will be on the blog soon). I have this one in my shower to wash my face every time I take a shower.

For moisturizer I used my favorite Hydreane Legere from La Roche-Posay and the Kiehl’s Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate around my eyes. I think it’s so important to use good moisturizers on the skin especially before applying a lot of makeup.

It’s not a lot to do and it can be done rather quickly. It’s just the face mask that might take a little time because it has to dry. But you can easily use it while applying your nail polish or watching a youtube video.

What skincare do you use before a night out?

The Perfect Wardrobe

i need in my wardrobe dream buys glassow fashion beauty blogger the perfect wardrobeI have been trying to build the perfect wardrobe for a while and now I have made a collage of the things I really need (other wise I will just shop and shop). As you can see from the collage my style is very scandinavian and minimalistic. I have been cleaning out my closet after losing 12 kg and then I realized that it’s the right time to get the perfect wardrobe.

Since making this collage I have bought a pair of leather pants, boyfriend jeans, denim shorts and a pair of black heels (actually two pairs, but who is counting….) Sale at Zara and H&M made me some good offers that I couldn’t resist. The next thing on my list is the watch from Michael Kors. It’s perfect and simple and I really need it in my life.

Two of the more expensive things on my list is a Balenciaga handbag and the Acne Pistol boots. Two basic things that will look amazing to every outfit and that will last for many years to come. I just need to save up a bit before they can become realistic purchases.

What items do you need in your wardrobe at the moment? And would you like to see how my total perfect wardrobe looks like?


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