L’occitane Hand Cremes

l'occitane hand creme beauty blogger skincare hand creme glassow blog danish bloggerWhen going home from holiday I had a little time to kill in the airport and I spent that time in the Duty Free Shop (of course?!) I found this travel set of three hand cremes from L’occitane and I was looking for a good hand creme so I decided to try these out. I tried them on the plane and I found that my hands became soft but not greasy (plus one hand creme point!) The scents are very strong but they settle down after a while (plus one hand creme point!)

They are very cute and easy to take in my handbag when I go out and I’m sure that I will be using these a lot when it gets colder and my hands gets dryer. The packaging is clean and lovely but the lid is very hard to get off and it hurts my fingers when I open it (minus one hand creme point!)

All in all I’m very into these hand cremes because they make my hands soft and they smell nice. I give them 2 out of 3 hand creme points.

Did you try the L’occitane hand cremes? And do you like them?

A Night Out: The Outfit

a night out, the outfit glassow blog blogger fashion outfit of the night statement necklace leather shortsThe last post in the “A Night Out” series. Did you enjoy it? I don’t go out very often and when I have something planned I always panic a bit because I never know what to wear because I don’t want to be too fancy or too casual. This night I went for a quite casual outfit but with a twist of fanciness. I went for my favorite leather shorts and a black top. It’s super simple and minimalistic (and really just my style…) For an extra touch I went for a statement necklace. Whenever I don’t know if the outfit is good enough I just add a statement necklace and then I’m ready to go.

For shoes I really wanted to go for a black high heel but I don’t have any so I went for black leather sandals. So everything was black on black (just the way I like it!) The outfit was really comfortable which is something I’m looking for when I’m going out. I don’t want to be the one girl who has to stand in the bar the whole night because she can’t move in her dress. I want to be the girl who can go crazy on the dance floor if I want to (and I ALWAYS want to!)

What is your go-to outfit on a night out?

A Night Out: The Makeup

a night out makeup look, glassow blog, blogger, beauty blog,When I go out I use a lot more products than on an every day basis. It is important for me that my makeup is flawless when I go out because it makes me feel complete. My going out makeup isn’t that dramatic because this night there was no glimmer and no colored shadows, just mattes. The look was very natural and something like I do every day but I just applied much more products (yep, a crazy contour!) Recently I have been loving a bold lip when going out and this night I was rocking a pink lip which was the only thing not matte on my face.

What makeup do you go for on a night out?

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