The Perfect Lipgloss

clarins instant light natural lip perfector makeup beauty blog blogger glassow skincare beauty makeup glassow blog blogger danish clarins instant light natural lip perfector reviewI have never been a lipgloss girl and I swore I would never be. I have tried a few lip glosses along the way and I have found some nice ones that I can wear from time to time. But every time I have to choose between lipstick and lipgloss I always choose lipstick. I’m just more of a lipstick gal.

When i was out shopping one day I saw the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector and I thought I might needed to give them a try. It was an exploring shopping day where I went for some products that I not normally go for (and often I really regret it!) I had these for a few days just laying around until I decided to try one out and I experienced the wow-effect. The formula is smooth like a lip balm and not at all sticky. The color is subtle and not too much. The scent is lovely and vanilla-y. The applicator is soft and perfect. The packaging is simple and cute.

I don’t have one bad word to say about this lipgloss. I officially declare the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector for the best lipgloss ever! I feel a bit obsessed and I want more shades. They are like lip balms but nicer on the lips. And they are perfect for summer.

Do you love the Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors as much as I do?

Black on Black

outfit black on black minimalistic scandinavian style glassow blog blogger danish blogger outfit black on black glassow blog danish blogger minimalistic scandinavian outfit fashion bloggerT-shirt: Brandy Melville // Shorts: Moss Copenhagen // Sandals: Moss Copenhagen // Sunglasses: Ray Ban

This outfit is one of my favorites at the moment. I love rocking a black on black outfit. It’s simple and clean and it just always works. I’m wearing my beloved leather shorts (again, again.) This summer I have been living in these and I still think they work even though they are a bit hot #noregrets.

Even though it’s summer and it’s hot I’m still going for the monochrome outfits and sometimes all black. If I go crazy I add grey or light blue. I don’t know why but I just feel more comfortable in subtle colors (like I feel the most comfortable in neutral makeup) I guess my new motto is “Less is more”!

What is your favorite outfit for summer?

What’s In My Travel Makeup Bag

This video has been just waiting to export for a few weeks but I had some problems with my laptop. I just got a new laptop but it says that the memory is full and therefore I couldn’t export videos and I couldn’t import videos into my laptop that I filmed. This means that i have quite a few videos on my laptop now that are just waiting to be edited and uploaded. So I have a bunch of new stuff coming for you in the next couple of weeks and I’m quite excited about it!

Tomorrow I have a day of practical things to fix in my room because I’m getting a desk. I will start studying again on Monday and I have started a traveling website as well. And I have my blog and my Youtube channel so I have a lot of things to do on my laptop so I thought it would be better to get a desk than to sit in my bed editing and writing posts.

If there are some videos you want to see or maybe some posts you want to see, then you are welcome to tweet me @michelleglassow or leave the suggestions in the comments below.

Are you going back to school any time soon?

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