The Perfect Wardrobe

i need in my wardrobe dream buys glassow fashion beauty blogger the perfect wardrobeI have been trying to build the perfect for a while and now I have made a collage of the things I really need (other wise I will just shop and shop). As you can see from the collage my style is very scandinavian and minimalistic. I have been cleaning out my closet after losing 12 kg and then I realized that it’s the right time to get the perfect wardrobe.

Since making this collage I have bought a pair of leather pants, boyfriend jeans, denim shorts and a pair of black heels (actually two pairs, but who is counting….) Sale at Zara and H&M made me some good offers that I couldn’t resist. The next thing on my list is the watch from Michael Kors. It’s perfect and simple and I really need it in my life.

Two of the more expensive things on my list is a Balenciaga handbag and the Acne Pistol boots. Two basic things that will look amazing to every outfit and that will last for many years to come. I just need to save up a bit before they can become realistic purchases.

What items do you need in your wardrobe at the moment? And would you like to see how my total perfect wardrobe looks like?


What Is She Up To

update glassow beauty blog makeup skincareI haven’t been posting for a few days and I thought I would just give you a small update on where I am and what I’m up to. For the past almost two weeks I have been in Turkey and on Monday I’m going back home to Denmark. It has been two of the best weeks and I really had the time to relax and just do nothing. When I’m going back I have an exciting project that I will start. I already worked on the project a bit while being here but I will start officially when I get back. And then school starts again in two weeks. I’m not at all prepared for that but oh well.

I will be enjoying my last days here in Turkey and I will talk to you when I get back to Denmark.

My Face But Better Makeup Look

A new video is finally live and I have been trying to upload it for 19 hours. The internet in Turkey is a bit slower than I’m used to but I got the video up and I’m really happy about it. This is my favorite makeup look at the moment and it’s super easy to do. I’m really in love with natural makeup looks at the moment. But there will be a video coming your way soon with a more dramatic look. So stay tuned!