Leather Pants For The Win

stripes, fashion blog blogger glassow outfit leather pants zara details outfit ootd fashion blog blogger glassow outfit ootd fashion blog blogger glassow leather pants zara outfit nike leather pants zara ootd fashion blog blogger glassow stripes leather fashion blog blogger glassow outfitI’m deeply in love with my leather pants. They are from zara and I had them last winter as well but they were too big so I finally bought them in a size smaller and I could actually have gotten them in two sizes smaller.

This fall I will be wearing leather pants non stop. I think they bring an edge to the look and they are just more chic than a pair of jeans. I can’t wait to style them with heels because I think that will look so beautiful.

I don’t know if you can see but I changed my hair color and it’s now a bit darker than it was before. I’m really pleased with it and I will keep the dark hair for the winter.

Do you like leather pants? Or are they a no-go?

Fashionable In The Rain

fashionable in the rain, outfit, ootd, fashion, fashion blog, blogger, glassow outfit, ootd, fashion, blogger, blog glassowYesterday evening I was out for a walk with my mom and my lovely little dog. It was cold and rainy but sunny at the same time. I decided to wear a knit for the first time since summer and damn I missed wearing jeans and a knit. I’m very excited for fall where I can wear knits for months.

Will you miss summer or are you excited to wear knits as me?

Birthday Makeup

birthday makeup beauty blog blogger glassow vanity birthday makeup beauty blog blogger glassowNormally I don’t wear that much makeup on an everyday basis but when it’s a special occasion I tend to go all out with foundation, eyeshadow and the hole shebang. I decided to revisit my mac palette and use some of the shades to create a lovely brown smokey eye with a hint of glitter.

I have been growing out my eyebrows and I can really see a difference already. I want to grow most of my brows out so I don’t have to pluck them. But they are a bit damaged after all the years of over plucking.

What’s your favorite makeup look for a special occasion?