My Fall Wardrobe

fall wardrobe wishes leahter pants sophie hulme bag trench coat fedora grey knit checked shirt fashion blog blogger glassowFall is upon us or at least it is in Denmark. I feel like it’s not that long ago I wrote “summer is upon us” and now summer is gone. Thankfully I have one last week of holiday this week that I will spend in the sun in Turkey.

For my fall wardrobe I need a few things for it to be complete. Especially a big coat and a fedora hat. I just feel like they will make my fall a bit more fashionable. Recently I have fallen in love with the Sophie Hulme bags and this one has my heart. So time to start saving up.

What items do you need for fall?

My Love For Tattoos

my love for tattoos inspiration fashion blog blogger beauty glassowAs I mentioned in my “Things You Didn’t Know About Me”-post I have 5 small and 1 big tattoo and I’m planning to get more. I find that tattoos are the most beautiful and unique way to decorate your body with histories and memories.

I’m planning to do a post of my own tattoos but I need to take some pictures first. I actually don’t have any pictures of my tattoos. Right now I’m dreaming of getting an arrow on my arm because right now I need to look forward at the future and not look back at some of the bad things that has happened recently.

Do you like tattoos and do you have any?

Top 3 Face Masks

top 3 face masks, beauty blog, blogger, glassow, kiehls, originsMy skin is bad from time to time and when I have problems I always find that a face mask really cures what ever is wrong with my skin. If I break out I love to use the Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleaning Masque or the Origins Charcoal Mask. They both clear up my skin super quick and leaves my skin soft.

But they can both dry out my skin a bit. The days where I find my skin being dry and flaky I use the Origins Drink Up mask that gives moisture and life back into the skin in just 10 minutes.

Which is your favorite face mask?